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The University of Texas System Partners with Census Bureau to Collect Data on Graduates’ Earnings

by Joelle Fredman, Staff Reporter for NASFAA (National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators) – 28 March 2018

A recent 10-year partnership between the University of Texas System and the U.S. Census Bureau is the first time an institution has partnered with a federal agency to collect information on students’ earnings. UT System can now analyze and share information on students who move outside the state of Texas.


UT System Launches Groundbreaking Tool To Track Graduates’ Earning And Debt Data

by Alexandra Hart, Assistant Producer, Texas Standard radio news program on KUT Austin – 28 March 2018

The only collaboration of its kind, the University of Texas System and the U.S. Census Bureau have found a way to work around the ban on a federal database to track student education data to national employment data.


A New Tool Breaks Down Earnings Potential for Different Majors. Here’s What You Need to Know

by Katherine Mangan, Reporter, The Chronicle of Higher Education – 27 March 2018

This article discusses the recent collaboration between the University of Texas System and the U.S. Census Bureau and how the data provided can help students choose a major, track earnings of UT graduates nationwide, and even provide useful ammunition for universities facing lawmakers who question the ROI of a college degree.


UT System, US Census Bureau unveil graduates’ national earnings, debt

by Maria Mendez, Contributor, The Daily Texan – 27 March 2018

UT System’s partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau now provides national data to help students better understand the value and cost of a UT degree. Available on UT System’s free, online tool seekUT, national data can help students and families determine which major and System university is best for them.


A ‘Workaround’ to U.S. Ban on Student-Level Data

by Jeremy Bauer-Wolf, Inside Higher Ed – 27 March 2018

“The [seekUT] tool is as much a lobbying mechanism as it is a student resource. With state officials often reducing funding for higher education systems across the country, college and university leaders have scrambled to try to preserve their money and find new ways to pitch lawmakers.”


UT System website catalogues student earnings and debt after graduation

by Madlin Mekelburg, The Daily Texan 23 January 2014

UT System gathers data about students to help them understand better what their earnings and debt will be after graduation.


University of Texas System launches site that addresses student loan debt

by James Aldridge, San Antonio Business Journal 16 January 2014

The University of Texas System launched a new interactive website to give parents and students access to student loan debt levels for each major.