If you have any questions about the methodology or where the data comes from, please see About the Data.

Technical Help

Can I view the data on my tablet?

It is available via the SAS® Mobile BI app for tablet devices. For more information, please see Mobile App Information.

For iPad users: Launch the iPad app or see the PDF instructions on how to install the app and connect to the UT System library of reports.

For Android devices: Launch the Android app or see the PDF instructions on how to install the app, connect to the UT System library, and access reports like seekUT.


Can I use the data tool on my phone?

Yes. A simplified version of the tool is available for smartphones. Simply click the "seekUT Mobile" icons on this website and you will be directed to the appropriate site.



Call toll-free 1-855-488-3274 if you need assistance accessing any part of the seekUT.

Part of the Dashboard is based on a third-party platform, SAS® Enterprise Business Intelligence Server software version 9.4. Read more details on this software package’s compliance with Section 508 Accessibility Standards.