What is seekUT?

seekUT is a free, online tool and website that can assist you and your family in making informed decisions about your college education and financial future.

What does "seek"UT stand for?

search + earnings + employment = knowledge

How does it work?

seekUT presents straightforward and understandable data that tells you what real UT graduates are earning — based on campus and major — one, five, and ten years after graduation. It also tells you what Industries are employing UT graduates in Texas along with predicted job openings.

Additionally, seekUT tells you what the median student loan debt is at graduation for those who took out loans, the percentage of students who borrowed, and the estimated monthly loan payment compared to median monthly earnings.

Once you realize your foreseeable earnings compared to your expected loan debt, you can better grasp the value of your higher education journey.

What will the data tell me?

  • National and Texas earnings — 1, 5, and 10 years after graduation

  • Student loan debt — median loan debt, monthly loan payment, debt-to-income ratio

  • Industry of employment — what Industries are employing UT graduates in Texas

  • Job openings by occupation (2012-2022) — predicted job openings in Texas

  • Other interesting information, such as basic degree requirements, time to degree, and the percentage of students who continue their education after graduation

Who is included in the data?

Data are available for approximately 350 degree majors at the bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral, and professional levels at UT institutions. It is based on UT graduates working full-time nationally. UT System is partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau and Texas Workforce Commission to provide valuable information about its graduates living throughout the United States.

Who benefits from the data?

Whether you are preparing to go to college for the first time, embarking on graduate school, or studying for a medical career, seekUT presents real data based on actual graduates to help you have realistic expectations about your future.

Where can I access seekUT?

seekUT can be easily accessed on your desktop or laptop at

When should I use seekUT?

There’s no better time to plan for your college career than the present. Whether you are in high school, graduate school, or planning a transfer between campuses/institutions, seekUT has helpful data to support your decision process.

Get started right now by letting UT System make planning a little easier for you.